Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Since my last post, I have been in the FOCUS fashion show, participated in my first Relay for Life as a survivor, and had another 3 month check up with my Oncologist.

The FOCUS Fashion show...
I modeled two outfits as did my new "breast" friends Tina and Melonie. Haley, our little 3 year old cousin who has leukemia, also participated. She and I walked together modeling once and Jamey walked with me the other time.
When Jamey walked with me, he stopped up front and then Stacy said "Jamey has a surprise for Christy" and Jamey got up there and sang a song to me! He sang Dierks Bentley "Good Things Happen" It was SO amazingly sweet! I had no clue and was completely surprised!
My mother-in-law came as did my older sister Jennifer. It was such a great day!

Erath County Relay for Life...
Oh my! I have participated in Relay for Life before, but never as a survivor. I was always standing on the side clapping for the survivors, this year people were clapping for me. It was a weird feeling!
The hospital I work for had a team. Between all the friends I have made because I had cancer, and all my co-workers there, I was VERY supported. I think I saw a dozen luminaries with my name on it! I could cry again thinking about it!

Let me paint the picture... Relay was held at the local city park. There is a circular walking path. The survivors were to start walking to the left (all wearing purple shirts and sashes) and the caregivers were to start walking to the right. We all met somewhere in the middle and then the caregivers turned around and walked back the way they came so the survivors could finish the "survivor lap".
Haley just had chemo that morning so I pushed her in her stroller along with my friends Tina and Melonie. I met my caregivers, Jamey and Morgan, (and Haley's caregiver, her mom Tiffany) in the middle and they walked the remaineder of the lap with me and Haley. While walking Jamey commented "this is pretty awesome." This was Jamey's first Relay experience.

Today I had another 3 month check up with my Oncologist, Dr. Nugent. He did the standard blood work, looked me over, asked me if I had any questions, told me I look great, and sent me on my way. I'll take it! I go back in another 3 months.

In my last post, I put that I was hoping to have my tattoos done by July 2nd. Not gonna happen. My next appointment with Dr. Strock is July 5th and then I'll schedule my tattooing.
When I went to get my stitches out, the nurse (who does the tattooing) told me to be thinking of my nipple sizes! Ha Ha Never had to think about that before!

Until next time!
Love to all,