Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday February 27, 2012

I have been rocking and rolling along since the New Year. I have absolutely no complaints, which is why I haven't blogged in awhile.

I recovered from my complete hysterectomy without complications (Thank you God) and was released, no problem. I can start working out again, and have started my new post-menopausal pill, Arimidex. After being on it for a little bit I noticed my blood pressure is staying elevated so we are keeping an eye on that.

I am still seeing my Oncologist every 3 months but am now only seeing my Plastic Surgeon every 6 months. Speaking of Plastic Surgeons, I asked mine to send me my before and after pictures... HOLY COW I cannot believe I ever looked like that before. I thought my original boobs were flat, but after having Poncho and Lefty all this time, they were really pancakes! Jamey and I had a good little laugh and then I put the pictures up. Who am I going to show them to? :-)

Last week I was asked to talk to two different women that were recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Every story is different and every outcome and attitude are different. I know I didn't want to talk to anyone when I was first diagnosed, only because I was already getting a 1,000 opinions thrown at me every day, and since every diagnosis is different, my story won't necessarily relate to every one elses, but if I can help someone recently diagnosed in ANY way, I definitely will! If any of you hear of anyone diagnosed, please don't hesitate to send them to this blog. Maybe reading this will help, you never know.

Until next time!

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's already 2012, and I can't believe I haven't posted in awhile. What a busy and wonderful Christmas!

On the 19th, I had a complete hysterectomy. Everything was sent off to the lab and my results were all benign! I did have to stay over night and we weren't expecting that. Apparently that was Dr. Cloven's plan all along but no one told me!

I went to see Dr. Cloven after two weeks and she released me to go back to work. It was really nice having two and a half weeks off with my family, especially during the holidays.

I also saw my plastic surgeon for my 3 month check up. He said everything looks great and I can wait 6 months for my next appointment this time!

My New Years resolution is to NOT have surgery in 2012, what's yours?

Love to all,