Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Again, it has been awhile since I have updated my blog. And again, I'm sorry. Thankfully, I'm just busy living life! :-)

I have had several doctors appointments so here is my update.

Two days after my 36th birthday, I got my areola's tattooed. Even though I don't have any feeling there, it hurt. She numbed me in case I had feeling and when she did, she must have hit a nerve because about 2 hours after my appointment I started having some pain on the bottom side of my left implant. It went away by the next day and everything was fine.

Jamey went with me to that appointment because we had to pick size and color. What an adventure. Seeing how I haven't seen a real nipple/boob/areola in over a year, it was comical. Overall, I think Jamey and I chose wisely and I'm happy with the outcome.

On my actual birthday, my breast cancer survivor girlfriend Melonie (otherwise known as my Partner In Crime) and I went and got breast cancer ribbon tattoos. Our husbands were with us, but they declined any pink ribbon tattoos... Can't imagine why?
My tattoo is on the inside of my left wrist and Melonie's is on her left shoulder blade. I have wanted a tattoo there for awhile but actually going and getting the tattoo was spur of the moment.
Jamey had been in Nashville all that week for a school and he was driving home the day of my birthday but wouldn't be home until around 6pm. Well I woke up that morning SO depressed. I had such bad survivor's guilt (don't know what else to call it). Here I was, on my 36th birthday, feeling great and loving life but I couldn't quit crying. So naturally Melonie took me out for drinks to cheer me up and thus the tattoo idea was born (my Mom is so proud :)

Anyway, but to my nipples... hahaha
I had my follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon last week. He said everything healed good and looks good. Took more pictures and said I am now to see him every 3 months instead of every month. I asked for copies of ALL my pictures and he said he would send them to me. I'm not going to have them printed and stick them in a photo album or anything, but I think I would like having them. Seeing my journey and all.

Also since my last update, I had another 3 month appointment with Dr. Nugent, my oncologist. Turns out my estrogen level went from 17 three months ago to 308 this month. Not good. I'm on an estrogen blocker since my cancer was hormone positive. I asked about getting a complete hysterectomy so now I have an appointment with an obstestrician oncologist at Tx Oncology next week. If I'm gonna have to have a hysterectomy at 40 (after 5 years on Tamoxifen) then why not have it now? I do NOT want to give the cancer somewhere else to go...

Also next week is my (hopefully) last appointment with Dr. Bussey. She is the breast surgeon that specializes in diseases of the breast. She wanted to see me after all my reconstruction.

So, that was alot to update you on but I'll update again after next week's appointments.

Love to all!

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